Risocaa's Doodles

Welcome to my page! I'm just your average school student doodling during class instead of paying attention to the teacher hahaha! :3

Yaaaaay Pokemon X and Y!!!!!!! x3 (Ever since the news about the trainers came out, I KNEW we had to draw those 2)

So me and my partner Dratini Mod drew this picture for our school’s “Chalk the Walk”! It was such a new fun experience since it’s our first time with chalk~

I did the lineart and the details (such as shading, etc,) and Dratini Mod did most of the flat colors. It took us 275928758294 hours and blood and sweat but I think it turned out pretty good! ^^

I’m the one with the red hat, and Dratini Mod is the one in the tank top.

Hope you guys like it! ^_^

((Check out what Dratini Mod has to say: http://askdratini.tumblr.com/post/51189798697/a-wild-ooc-post-appears

Oh! And go follow her blog too xD))